Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dumb and Dumber

That's it. I was holding out hope that Lovie Smith is a competent head coach. Or I was probably just in denial. Either way, after today's Bears loss to the Browns, I can no longer do so. He is not a good football coach. I have just witnessed the Lovie Smith face one too many times. I don't know exactly how many times I have seen it now, but it is one too many. I really don't know what this assclown does. Seriously. I want to know. What the fuck does Lovie Smith do? He doesn't call the offense. He doesn't run the defense. All he does is stand on the sidelines like there is a crap in his drawers and he's hoping nobody notices until he can get out of there and change. The guy rarely even talks to anybody. Refs. Players. Assistants. Nobody. He just stands there with a confused look that screams incompetence. Worthless? Pretty much.

It's not even a case of not having much fire. It's a case of simply wondering if Lovie is even awake.


And GM Jerry Angelo is even worse. This assclown has assembled a collection of numbskulls and dolts who make stupid mistake after mistake. And then Stinky, er, Lovie says nothing to them and lets them get away with it again and again and again.

Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo are in positions way over their heads. Their respective levels of ability, quite simply, do not even come close to the levels they currently find themselves. They're both incompetent. They are to running an NFL team what Mike Brown was to running FEMA. Hopelessly in over their thick heads.

Two incompetent men running things. Two guys who should be hiding in the shadows somewhere doing a bit part. Not front and center. They are not smart men, at least in football terms. They do not know what they're doing.

And this is the Bears.

If Lovie and Angelo are back next year, the Bears have serious problems. Yet again. They need to be cast aside as soon as possible. Preferably bright and early Monday morning.

Let's look at the Bears first and second rounders today:
Cedric Benson (first round) - fumble, six yards on five carries.
Mark Bradley (second round) - fumble that gave the Browns the ball in the red zone and led to a field goal, fuck all else.

Wat to go, Jerry. Bravo. Way to go out and use the draft to stock the roster with guys who can make a difference in close games. Or even not make horrid mistakes that kill the team. You brainless dipshit.

Let me just say something and don't think I'm hust blowing smoke, either. I could do a better job of playing GM that Angelo. I'm not kidding. Hell, I guaran-damn-tee it. Of course, a lot of people could. Angelo is bad at his job.

Angelo was hired by a goddam company that conducts job interviews. This is hysterical. And sad. The spineless, clueless McCaskeys don't even have enough smarts and cajones to sit down in a room with prospective candidates and decide upon a man who they feel can get the job done. No, they casually hire an outside company and then turn their backs to the process because, really, they don't give a crap. They can't be bothered.

And what does such lacksadaisical incompetence get you? Jerry Angelo.

And in turn, one dipshit (Angelo) hires another dipshit (Lovie). It's an evil circle of stupidity and incompetence.

And we get to watch.

Lovie Smith pretty much sucks.

Jerry Angelo undeniably sucks hardcore.

End of story.

I take that back. The worst part is that this sad story of failure will only continue as long as the McCaskey's own the team. We're talking Bill Bidwellesque levels of incompetence, greed, and losing.

No lie.


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