Sunday, February 26, 2006

Davis Says Goodbye To Bloomington

Mike Davis coached his last home game as the coach of enigmatic Indiana today and went out on a high note with a 78-71 win over an equally enigmatic Michigan State team. For a guy who has been so maligned, and who clearly seems to be a bit sensitive to hold the job made holy by Bobby Knight, it was nice to see the Bloomington faithful and Davis depart on a good terms. Sure, once Indiana's tourney bubble burts in the next week or so, as it very possibly will, the entire state will be back to cursing his name, but for one day at least, Davis could feel good.

And what's up with Michigan State? The only thing I can gather is that they must be lacking heart. They seemingly have everything else.

A great coach? Check. Tom Izzo is one of the best with the resume to prove it.

Talent? Check. It's everywhere, from the guard play of Maurice Ager and Shannon Brown to the big man, Paul Davis. You'd be hard-pressed to find more sheer talent on any campus that isn't located in Connecticut.

Experience? Check. Virtually the same group went to the Final Four last season.

Yet the Spartans now sit at a very mediocre 7-7 in the Big Ten. All season long I've been telling myself that they were simply working out kinks and that an Izzo-coached team would certainly be ready for the NCAA tourney. And while it wouldn't surprise me if it works out that way, I'm now not sure anymore.

The Spartans are clearly lacking something.

Speaking of the Indiana head coaching vacancy, Peter Vescey suggests there is reason to believe Isiah Thomas may want to return to his alma mater to coach. Excuse me one moment...


OK, I'm back. That laugh felt good.

Now, I have no idea if this rumor is true or if Vescey is just blowing smoke, but I tend to believe it. This definitely has Isiah written all over it, and I have to give Isiah credit here. I mean, he takes the art of "just not getting it" to new levels. He actually doesn't see that the the ENTIRE WORLD, by this point, is on to him. Everybody knows he's failure in shoes. Everybody. He's a walking joke and we all know it. Yet, apparently, he still thinks to himself, "I'm Isiah Thomas. I was a helluva point guard. I'm the man and I want a job." Heh-heh-heh. Ob-liv-i-ous.

Besides, it would be just like Isiah to completely ruin a franchise (in this case the Knicks, his latest catastrophe), and then calmly shake his hands free of the mess and walk away in search of a new gig. No scruples. None. It's been his legacy ever since his playing days as a sneaky thug ended: break something>>>>new job, break something>>>>new job, break something>>>>new job. Like clockwork.

Indiana would be beyond foolish to hire Isiah. Sure, his name alone might be enough to attract a few big time recruits, but if you think that a post-playing days Isiah has what it takes to lead a starving man to food, let alone a team to the top, you haven't been following closely.

Is it obvious that I can't stand Isiah? The filthy punk.

If Steve Alford isn't the coach of the Hoosiers next season, color me positively shocked. With Iowa enjoying it's best season under Alford (not to mention being a senior-laden team that will go into rebuilding mode next year), and Davis checking out, the timing is almost too good to be true. It almost seems pre-ordained or meant to happen. Never fuck with fate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The athletic department would go bankrupt if Isiah came back to coach.

Alford is the guy.

5:59 PM  
Blogger UnknownColumn said...

I'm pretty sure Isiah would ensure bankruptcy pretty much anywhere. Not to mention a bunch of losing seasons.

I bet the rest of the Big Ten would be esctatic to see the return of Isiah to Bloomington.

6:09 PM  
Blogger White Silk said...

I'm of the camp that feels the Alford nod as IU coach is almost too easy.

Something tells me he's staying at Iowa, if for not other reason than to "make a stand on his own."

I actually have always been a fan of IU - I know that's almost sacrilege, given that the Illini are my squad, but growing up in Big Ten country, one HAD to admire the teams that the General put on the floor, year-in, year-out. Given my semi-allegiance to the Hoosier basketball team, I feel pained knowing that 'Zeke may throw his name into that hat and fuck shit up for a good while down there.

Why can't he just go away? Seriously!! NOBODY respects you shithead, now leave!!

9:18 AM  
Blogger UnknownColumn said...

Yup. I always sort of liked Indiana myself. I wasn't necessarily a big fan, but growing up my dad always liked the red-ass, hot-tempered coaches like Ditka and Knight, so he always rooted for Indiana. So I kind of pulled for the Hoosiers here and there myself.

It will definitely be interesting to see what Alford does. I heard he will only consider the IU job if IU expresses interest in NOBODY else. I don't know if that's true, just what I heard somewhere. That seems like a weird request. I mean, who cares if IU keeps its options open? We'll see what happens.

10:14 AM  

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