Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Little Bit Of Truth

If you're a White Sox fan, I want you to be honest with me for a minute here.

Frank Thomas. Best player in Sox history, right? You love him, right? He provided a whole lot of great memories, right? You were happy he didn't leave before getting an elusive ring, right?

Now, here is where I need your complete honesty: Tell me there weren't instances during his time in Chicago that he made you madder than the Unknown Column at last call.

Be honest. Tell me there weren't times you felt like saying exactly this about Frank:

"He's an idiot. He's selfish. That's why we don't miss him...If you go out there and ask any one of my players or staff members, we don't miss him. We don't miss his attitude. We don't miss the whining. We don't miss it. Good riddance. See you later."

You did, didn't you?

You know you wanted to to say that about Frank at some point over the years. You know it. Admit it. Frank was always yapping about something and you reached a boiling point. More than once probably, right? Several times, right?

Well, Kenny Williams said it, and all I have to say to that is, Amen, my brutha.

Look, I love Frank as much as the next Sox fan, but let's not kid ourselves - the Big Hurt is a big baby and he always has been. This Thomas/White Sox garbage is just like Shani Davis/Chad Hedrick - a bunch of lame yap yap yapping through the media - except it's been going on for years. The only reason this is national news being reported by ESPN now is because the Sox are champs. So I guess people care now. Nobody cared before except Sox fans, and they've been forced to listen to Thomas whine about how unhappy he is, and how disrespected he is, for years now. YEARS! This is old news. Old, old news. Sad news.

Thing is, in the past everyone involved with the Sox had to walk on eggshells. Frank was the face of the Sox, the star, and in no way could he be upset lest everyone hear about it, which everyone inevitably did anyway regardless of how far out of the way they went to make sure he was satisfied, which Frank never, ever is. Ever.

But no more. He isn't the Sox problem anymore.

Frank is in Oakland now and has continued to yap through the press about how the Sox supposedly mistreated him even though, really, they parted ways about as amicably as could be expected. So you know what? Fuck him. I still love Frank, but fuck him. He should have heard the hard words Williams laid on him a long, long time ago. At some point. From someone. So I applaud Williams here. There a few things sweeter to the ear than truth, cold truth, no matter how ugly, and Williams just laid a whole lot of truth right on Frank in a big way. He smacked Thomas upside the head with a fistful of truth. He soaked him in it. Thomas has been drenched in truth. And the truth is, nobody really cares that he's gone. Sure, some fans will hold onto the memories a little longer than others, some may even feel a few tugs at the heart when Opening Day arrives and Frank isn't around, but nobody really, truly cares. Not really. Not truly.

The Sox and their fans have moved on. Frank hasn't. Too bad.

Now that Williams has told him how it is, maybe Frank will shut up.

But I doubt it.

Between Williams and Ozzie, the South Side is flowing with straight-up, hardcore truth - and I love it.


Anonymous priest, they called me said...

whatever...that guys a dick.
kenny williams is right. how many times do you look the other way? how many times do you say, "well, thats just frank bein' frank"? i hope that the white sox as an organization offically stop commenting on the matter from here on out.
kenny williams should take a que from george costanza in that episode of sienfeld when he makes one good remark that gets everyone lauging then decides, "thats it! george is outta here!!!"
he couldn't have made a better crafted, well timed statement than the one he made sunday. so i hope that he and the organiztion respond to the subject with a simple, "no comment" from here on out...
and for the record, as a sox fan, i'm probably gunna look the other way, again, with regard to thomas' forever continuing ongoing when the fuck is this guy gunna shut up about it does he realize how embarrasing this is comments about how the white sox mistreated him. i won't boo him when (if) he plays his first game at comisky. i'll smile and applaude ackwardly when (if) the white sox kiss his ass more again for the millionth time and retire his jersey. and i'll give a hearty good for him knod when he is elected to the hall of fame. because the excuse i always make for frank thomas is like that of a guy who unknowingly walks around with his zipper open...maybe frank just doesn't realize that his angry, bitter, diminished-skills, childish, whinny, spite-filled balls are showing.

6:52 AM  
Blogger White Silk said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto!!

Right about this time EVERY Year (sprin training), Big Frank seems to have an annual alarm clock that reminds him it's "time to start the whine game..." and for years, the Sox org, the team, and its fans had to deal with this shit. And it got tiring as all hell.

I almost felt bad for the Hurt as he was forced to sit and watch the greatest "team" effort in franchise history (and arguably one of the top 10 teams in MLB history - as far as defintions go) run the table from April - October, inclduing the Championship. It would have been nice to see Frank get a couple pokes at the plate last October on the team's way to the title. Alas, it din't happen and he, instead, chose to take his usual pokes out against the team that continually put up with his baby-antics for years and years and years.

I applaud Kenny Dubs for coming out and, seemingly, slamming the door shut on this drama!

Great post!

Here's to the Repeat Champs in '06

8:54 AM  
Blogger UnknownColumn said...


Hahaha! Frank Thomas = a dude walking around with his fly open.

Nice analogy. I think that pretty much sums it up.

White Silk,

Top 10 MLB teams all-time? I would agree with that. There is some stat about how, in terms of single-season dominance, only the 1927 Yankees and 2005 White Sox qualify. I forget the specifics but it has something to do with leading the division from Opening Day combined with most dominant postseason record. (Or something like that.)

The '05 Sox at least have to be in the conversation.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope they skimp on his World Series ring. Give him cubic zircona stones instead of diamonds.

5:15 PM  

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