Friday, March 10, 2006

Dirty Mouth

ESPN New anchor Danyelle Sargent has a potty mouth. Listen for it. It's near the end. Hysterical. The f-bomb has got to be the best, and most vesatile, word in the english laguage.

Speaking of ESPN personalities, has anyone else noticed that reporter Colleen Dominguez looks shockingly like Linda Cohn. It's friggin' uncanny. I'm honestly disturbed. Was this an intentional ploy by someone running ESPN? An inside joke? As soon as a Stuart Scott clone arrives, I'm out. And I'm not looking back.

Oh, and can we get more roving reports from Alex Flanagan, please? She's a cutie and so much more pleasurable to look at than Pedro Gomez reporting from Barry Bonds' crotch hairs.


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