Monday, March 06, 2006

Fuck George Steinbrenner


Fuck this whiny fuck.

As much as I've ranted against Bud Selig in the past, I have to give him props for putting Steinbrenner in his place this weekend. Steinbrenner has done nothing but complain about the World Baseball Classic, which may just turn out to be a beautiful thing, and Selig told him to shut up, in so many words.

"At some point in life, you've got to rise above your own selfish interest," Selig said. "If this sport is to go on to do the heights we have to do, you can't let your own myopic interest guide you. You've got to say, 'If I can do something that makes this sport bigger and better for the generation of players, is two or three weeks of spring training worth it?' Well, I'll bet it is."


What a pathetic, little man Steinbrenner is. The game of baseball is trying to expand, to grow, to open its arms to the world, and create something truly global and fun, and all Steinbrenner can do is cry about it? Fuck him. Fuckin' douchebag of the highest order.

Maybe he should look at MLB team payrolls from 2005. Here's the top ten...

New York Yankees $ 208,306,817
Boston Red Sox $ 123,505,125
New York Mets $ 101,305,821
Los Angeles Angels $ 97,725,322
Philadelphia Phillies $ 95,522,000
St. Louis Cardinals $ 92,106,833
San Francisco Giants $ 90,199,500
Seattle Mariners $ 87,754,334
Chicago Cubs $ 87,032,933
Atlanta Braves $ 86,457,302

For those keeping score at home, that's an $85 million difference between the Yankees and the second biggest payroll of the Red Sox. The Yankees have a payroll more than double the size of any other team. It's an absolute sin what the economics of baseball have allowed the game to turn into.

And Steinbrenner is going to bitch and moan and cry and complain about the WBC?

Because some people actually have a good idea that involves much of the world?

An idea that millions of fans around the globe just might enjoy?

An idea that just might become lasting and meaningful?


Well, fuck Steinbrenner and fuck the Yankees. May the baseball gods come down on these selfish, callous fuckers - hard and swift.


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