Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fun With Photos

"Listen, listen...come here...all you got to do is get the ball to Fazekas."

Reds fans enjoying themselves before, you know, the season actually starts and turns into a bummer.

Even the sight of Tom Benson in the room isn't enough to change Drew Brees' curious decision to sign with the Saints. Is it just me, or does Benson look utterly dejected and unhappy? I guess he thought he'd be in Los Angeles this season. Fuck Benson. (By the way, Brees' decision to leave a solid Chargers team perplexes me, but anyone who's willing to go down to New Orleans and maybe bring a little joy to Saints fans, well, I'm firmly in their corner.)

Boston College is already being annoying as it prepares in Salt Lake City.


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