Thursday, March 09, 2006

Holy $%#@! Who the $%@# Is Stacey Keibler?

OK, so I was walking by a newstand and was stopped dead in my tracks when seeing Stacey Keibler on a magazine cover - I think it was Stuff - and was left with one glaring question: How was I not familiar with Keibler before now?

Yeah, I was slightly aware of her name before. I knew she was involved with wrestling, but I've never been into wrestling. I don't know why. I'm just not. Even as a kid, I always had friends who were all into it hardcore, and I never got hooked. Maybe because it's fake. Or maybe because it's several hours of large sweaty men in tights rolling around in each other's clutches. Who knows for sure?

So, yeah, all I knew of Keibler was that she was a hot chick from wrestling, and the only other wrestling chick I know of is Chyna (that's her name, right?), so I had no interest in looking into Keibler.

Until now.

Good God...I mean...she's ridiculous...those legs...I'm...I'm speechless. I may have to tune into wrestling once in a while. Is there mud or jello involved? Other chicks? I need to know.


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