Sunday, March 12, 2006

Initial Reactions

Having just watched the selection show, I have a few initial reactions before heading to an underground, secure location for a few days to fill out my bracket...

God, I hate Billy Packer. Much like Tim McCarver, he baffles me. Seemingly everyone hates McCarver and seemingly everyone hates Packer, yet they both keep working prime gigs. I just don't underdstand. Seriously, do you know of any Packer fans?

George Washington was screwed. An eight seed? For going 26-2 and only losing in the conference tourney while playing without its best player, Pops Mensah-Bonsu? This is absurd. The only reasoning I can think of is maybe the selection committee is reacting to the recent report that GW used players with very questionalble high school academic histories, i.e., did they even graduate? Otherwise, there is no excuse for the Colonials to be jobbed like this. None. Zilch. Zip.

Oh, and way to go, NCAA, for putting Wilmington in the 8-9 matchup opposite a GW team without a healthy Pops. Way to make Duke's second round matchup IN GREENSBORO that much easier. The other 8-9 matchups feature the likes of Arizona, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Arkansas, etc. The Duke region's 8-9 matchup? A small conference nobody and a team with a hobbled star. Fuckin' ridiculous. FUCKIN' RIDICULOUS! I told you this would happen.

Texas A&M will beat Syracuse. Billy Gillepsie is a remarkable young coach. And I think we're all tired of Billy McNamara by now, right?

Southern Illinois gets a tough matchup with West Virginia. Should be a good game. Hopefully, the Salukis don't lose by a single point again.

God, I hate Billy Packer.

Bradley gets a chance to shock Kansas. Hopefully, they don't shoot the ball like they did against SIU in the MVC championship.

A lot of people are upset about Gonzaga getting a three seed, but that seems about right. They played a lot of close games in the weak WCC. And Adam Morrison's mustache doesn't seem to have grown since December.

Xavier might beat the Zags in the first round.

If not, Indiana will in the second.

Indiana's shake looks real nice on paper. What an intersting story that could develop if Mike Davis takes the Hoosiers deep. I had the Hoosiers as a preseason Final Four team so I'm looking for a little redemption, Coach Davis.

The committee likes to reward the Pac Ten champ, apparently. Last year it was Washington sneaking into a surprise one seed. This year UCLA is a suprising two seed.

Kentucky-UAB. Wildcats fans must have been waiting for this one since the Blazers' upset in 2004. An upset here wouldn't be quite so surprising.

Utah St? Suprising selection. But I saw them against a very solid Nevada team playing on its homecourt in the WAC championship, and Utah St. can ball. Washington should be very aware.

The Illini get Air Force. Looks very favorable to me.

God, I hate Billy Packer.

Air Force? Hey, I have to give props to a school that accepts nobody taller than 6-5 for even earning tourney consideration, but the Falcons are taking the spot of some more deserving teams.

Same goes for George Mason. Hell, in the Colonial alone, Hoftsra beat George Mason twice in the final week of the season.

How many schools with the name George will be in the field? Too bad George Jefferson U. got bounced from the bubble.

Seton Hall over Cincinnati from the Big East? Looks fishy to me.

Tennessee gets a two seed despite unraveling down the stretch. This is looking like the shakiest job by the selection committee I can recall. Seriously.

And fuck Bruce Pearl. And Deon Thomas and the Illini say Fuck You, as well. Way to fill your team with crackheads, Bruce, you slimy, phone-tapping rat.

I sincerely hope Winthrop embarrasses Pearl and the Vols...and considering Winthrop is in the tourney for (I think) the sixth time in eight years) it might happen.

Nevada getting all kinds of love with a five seed. Underrated program.

Overall, once again, Duke's region looks like the weakest. I'm shocked.

Craig Littlepage, the head of the committee, may not be physically alive. Can someone check his pulse?

God, I hate Billy Packer. God, I hate Billy Packer. God, I hate Billy Packer.

You know, I hate Jim Nantz, too. I never liked him, necessarily, but he didn't bug me. I just thought of him as a stiff suit with zero personality who teamed up with Packer. But, no, I hate this fucker, too. Hate him. All weekend long while doing the Big Ten tourney, Nantz and Packer relentlessly rambled on and on about how the MVC and the Colonial and any other mid-major conference that had the gall to be halfway decent was screwing over the major conferences, especially their beloved ACC. Then they continued to bitch about the mid-majors during the selection show. Packer and Nantz? Corporate tools with the personalities of wet rags. Fuck the both of them.

My inital Final Four, which, of course, will change roughly 1,769 times by Thursday morning? Duke, Kansas, UConn, Ohio State.


Blogger Bill-DC said...

Honestly I'm stunned George Mason got in. It's my wife's school and I'm happy but they should have been NIT bound after losing to Hofstra twice in a two week period.

Gary Williams tried in vain to change Maryland's name to George Jefferson U last week but didn't get the paperwork done in time.

No bitterness from this Terps fan. They had a great opportunity Friday night to seal the deal and they failed miserably. Cincy, Michigan and Florida State had stronger cases.

Billy Packer is a moron. Craig Littlepage is a tool.

Bring on the tourney. I can't wait. I hope I can score a pair of duccats for the Regional finals here in DC.

5:18 PM  
Blogger UnknownColumn said...

Yeah, I thought the Terps had a shot after getting that first win in the tourney, but absolutely embarrassing themselves against BC was probably the final nail in the coffin. I turned the game in and it was like 27-6. WTF?

I thought for sure Hoftstra would get in ahead of George Mason, but what do I know?

8:40 AM  

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