Friday, March 10, 2006

The Madness Is Taking Over

Syracuse = in. Like Jim Boeheim said immediately after the win over UConn, if you can beat the number one team in the country, you probably deserve a spot. And he said so with out dropping the f-bomb several times, which was a shame, really. Gerry McNamara might be the most clutch overrated player you'll ever see. Playing the role of hero in the Garden two days ina row is a nice way to finish one's college career.

Maryland = in. After dismantling Georgia Tech, Gary Williams' sweat will be coming to an NCAA regional near you.

Florida State = in. My heart says the Seminoles don't deserve a spot after wetting themselves against last-place Wake Forest, but my mind says their win over Duke already has them in. Besides, CBS will probably demand that Jenn Sterger is present to allow for plenty of gratuitous camera shots, and I can't say I disagree.

Michigan = out. Like Florida State, the Wolverines probably don't deserve a spot, having lost seven of nine. Their earlier work in the tough Big Ten, however, might be enough to squeeze them in. It's going to be close. Is it OK now to say that Tommy Amaker is a mediocre coach at best? I mean, it seems like there is some invisible force field around the guy protecting him from scrutiny, presumably because he's so nice or because he's a former Coach K protege. But the guy produces underachieving teams year after year. If I'm a Michigan fan, my biggest regret about this season is that Amaker did just enough to keep the job, which means more mediocrity, or worse, next year.

Air Force. Nice story, but done. At least these guys probably do great with the chicks.

George Washington's loss to Temple should not come as a surprise. Pops Mensah-Bonsu, the Colonials' best player, is still out, and Temple has played much improved in the second haf of the season, not to mention that John Chaney has long been one of the masterful March coaches in the game. How many times has a Temple team flown under the radar only to make a run in March? Plenty. My money is on the Owls to win the A-10 and maybe even surprise some folks thereafter.

I caught a bit of the BYU-Utah game late last night, and if tall, ugly white boys are your thing, I'd suggest tuning into the Mountain West. How many jokes about gay Cowboys do you suppose Wyoming has heard this year?


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