Thursday, March 16, 2006

Madness, Part II

Milwaukee picks up five team fouls early in the second half. Could be trouble.

See, this is why I like Dick Vitale. He's shilling for DiGiorno's pizza. Sure, he's selling out, but DiGiorno's is is quite good as far as frozen supermarket pizzas go. I'll vouch for it. I can get behind this campaign. It's much better than selling out for a credit card monster and telling us all how great you are.

OK, two Vitale-DiGiorno's commercials in one breat. Stop that.

BC opens second half with 7-0 run on Pacific.

Jacksonville. Always nice to see a new arena tossed into the mix. The joint looks spiffy.

Milwaukee up 52-41 midway through the second half and taking over. Boo "Radley" Davis and Joah Tucker are too much for Sooners.

Fans now being allowed into Cox Arena in San Diego. Marquette and Alabama are the first to deal with this drama in their preparation.

Wichita State routs Seton Hall. 86-66. Where you at, Packer? Come out, come out, wherever you are. Phil Martelli says hello.

BC-Pacific tied up at 65 with left :9.1 left. My bracket hangs in the balance. BC ball.

Why is Craig Smith bringing the ball upcourt for BC? Dear god, my bracket!

Travel? Travel??? Why is Smith traveling???


Why was Smith lumbering upcourt with the ball? How 'bout he sets up under the basket and then you get him the ball?

No matter. We have overtime. My bracket is safe. Momentarily.

Milwaukee is done toying with Oklahoma. 82-74 final.

BC has won last eight overtime games. Here we go number nine. Come on, baby. Don't do this to me.

The refs are reviewing a three-pointer by Pacific to see if dude's foot was on the line. There has been a lot of reviews in colleege hoops of late and I don't know if I like it. This delay is killing me. My bracket is already on life support and now I'm being teased.

I can't believe I'm rooting for Boston College.

Pacific is hitting pull-up treys on fast breaks. Two in a row. 71-65 Pacific lead now in overtime. BC is crumbling. My bracket has gone into shock. Its convulsing wildly.

BC down two with 12 seconds left in OT. I knew I shouldn't have picked BC for the Final Four as soon as I heard them described as a "trendy pick". Craig Smith to shoot two free throws to tie it with :4.3 seconds left. Craziness already. Craziness.

Smith hits both and I want to hug him. Clutch like a mofo. My bracket has been upgraded from serious condition to stable. We have a second overtime.

BC dunking and up 81-74 now. My heart rate has returned to something resembling normal.

83-74. My bracket has been released from the hospital.

BC wins 88-76. This is the sound of me letting out a deep breath. My bracket lives to crumble sometime later in the future. Oh, it will crumble.

This could be good for BC, especially after it whined about being a fourth seed being shipped to Salt Lake City. It can't hurt to to be skocked into competency like this. They've seen the light. They've glimpsed the other side and returned.

Props to Pacific, which played a great game. Don't forget they beat Pitt last year. They almost own the Big East. Almost. Gonzaga should add Pacific to its nonconference schedule. Could be a nice December game out West. Two solid programs.

So far today: Wichita St embarrasses a Big East team, Milwaukke routs a Big Twelve team, and Pacific goes two overtimes with an ACC team. The little guys are coming.

Where you at, Packer? Where you at?


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