Thursday, March 16, 2006

Madness, Part III

Dick Enberg and Jay Bilas are teamed up in San Diego and will not be scared off by a bomb threat. No way they let the terrorists win. They're calling some games, baby.

'Bama's retro-ish uniforms are sweet.

Um, isn't the NCAA gung ho about ridding the sports landscape of Indian nicknames? So why does the San Diego State Aztecs' court have a giant arrowhead painted at midcourt in a NCAA TOURNAMENT GAME?

You can always count on the NCAA for a few laughs and whims of idiocy.

Not that I'm complaining. Fuck the PC police. Aztecs. Aztecs. Aztecs. Illini. Seminoles. Flying Dutchmen. Drunken, brawling Micks.

Marquette should still be called the Warriors.

'Bama is all over the Warr-, er, Golden Eagles early.

Winthrop hanging with Tennessee, 36-34 at the half. The sooner Bruce Pearl is ousted, the better.

Marquette's Joe Chapman and Jerel McNeal representing for the South Side. Dwyane Wade started this pipeline to Milwaukee.

'Bama's Jean Felix is 5-for-6 on three-pointhers twelve minutes into the game. Get your boys in his face, Tom Crean.

'Bama is all over the offensive boards and up fifteen with five minutes to go before the half. Wade cannot be happy.

Winthrop has a lead on Tennessee, 51-50. I'm liking this.


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