Thursday, March 16, 2006


Wichita-State is the first game to tipoff. Shockers are underrated, but the Hall is crazy. Up and down. Good Hall and bad Hall. So who knows?

I hope the Shokcers win while Billy Packer watches in horror.

The MVC is coming for you, Packer.

We need more CBS channels. CBS One, Two and Overload. Greg Gumbel switches us to Milwaukee-Oklahoma game. I don't know if this is good thing.

It'll be a good thing if Milwaukee keeps taking it to Oklahoma. Calvin Sampson calling early timeouts.

Again with the Greensboro court. Purple and teal?

Wichita St all over the Hall early.

Where you at, Packer?

40-24 Shockers at the half. It looks like the "bad" Hall has shown up.

If you like watching hefty white guys battling in the paint, then Milwaukee-Oklahoma should be good for a few laughs. Kevin Bookout and Adrian Tigert beating the crap out if each other.

Bookout heads to bench with lingering wrist injury. Let the jerking off jokes begin.

Bookout is back.

Boo Davis. Great name.

33-31 Milwuakee at the half. Rob Jeter's team sniffing the upset. Speaking of Jeters.

Kellogg Davis. Underrated.

Boston College cant's shake Pacific and is making lazy passes. The curse of yours truly picking BC for the Final Four has begun.

Everyone on BC wears headbands. Isn't that cute?


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