Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"No me gusto los first innings."

The sun is shining and thoughts turn to baseball.

While the White Sox sludge through Spring Training, Freddy Garcia is already battling like a mofo, even in defeat. In a must-win game for Venezueala against the Dominican Republic, he settled down after a shaky first inning and pitched a solid four innings of one-run ball. Yup, we've seen that trick from Garcia before.

Whatever. Good to see Garcia already in midseason form.

Venezuela is out of the WBC, 2-1 losers. Ozzie Guillen, very upset, decides to coach his country next go around. The Dominican Republic moves on to the semis from Pool 2 along with the winner of tonight's Cuba-Puerto Rico game. I wonder what Fidel Castro is doing at this very moment? Cuba wins the award for craziest unis. Red pants. You gots to respect the red pants. The U.S. needs to beat Mejeeco or head back to Spring Traing in shame. Japan and Korea play for a second time, this time with a spot in the semis on the line. I already like this rivalry.

The WBC. What a great idea.

In Cub Fantasyland, Mark Prior is out. Again. Temporarily. Again. And Derek Lee roughed up his shoulder playing for the U.S. Meanwhile, Hee Seop Choi is tearing it up for Korea. Business as usual.


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