Friday, March 31, 2006

Rock Bottom

This has to be about as low as it can go for Cubs fans. Right now. Surely, things could not get any worse for the contingent of crazies who willingly get scalped by the pathetic Tribune Co. I actually feel sorry for Cubs fans. Well, no I don't. OK, a little. As a Pale Hose fan, really, I don't care, but I feel a twinge of empathy. Maybe that's just gas.

Rock. Bottom.







If you're a Cubs fan, you must feel like a junkie who has been arrested and sent to the clink cold turkey or John Travolta before Quentin Tarantino cast him in Pulp Fiction. This is some sort of end of the road.

I mean, first the White Sox win the World Series.

Then the bleachers - the famous bleachers that are a sort of Heaven - are "remodeled" and "renovated" so a "few more tickets" could be "scalped", er, "sold". How could they mess with the bleachers? Ridiculous. And now those bleachers' naming rights are being sold out to a beer company as if we aren't bombarded with enough Bud Light advertising already. The least they could have done is thought outside the box a little and shown a little class. They could have chosen, say, Red Stripe or Guinness. Bud Light? Get out of bed with The Man.

And, of course, the real kicker. Mark Prior and Kerry Wood are - surprised, surprise! - injured for Opening Day. Good luck with this, Dusty Baker.

Like I said, this has to be some sort of low point for Cubs fans, and I'm not laughing, just saying. The world of Cubdom is crumbling and burning. It's like standing outside a house - your house - as it slowly burns down, and you're helpless.

OK, I'm laughing a little.


Blogger Bill-DC said...

It was a bad day for us Orioles fans as well as we lost Anna Benson.

5:28 PM  
Blogger UnknownColumn said...

Ah, Anna. Sweet Anna. Sweet, obviously completely crazy Anna.

Yeah, she'll be missed, if for no other reason than she isn't boring.

And those tits.

At least you'll always have the memories...and the pictures.

Like this one...

6:39 AM  

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