Friday, March 17, 2006

Scheyer's High School Days Coming To End

On Wednesday Rick Telander wrote this cool column on Jon Scheyer, whose storied high school career will come to an end this weekend down in Peoria as Glenbrook North attempts to defend its state title. The Spartans will face Simeon in one of today's quarterfinals in what should be a classic suburban school vs inner city school affair.

Regardless of what happens, Scheyer's high school playing days cannot extend beyond Saturday night's championship game. Then he'll head off to Duke and the Unknown Column will be forced to rag on the poor kid.

I don't follow high school sports with the passion I do other sports, particularly ones involving overpaid dunces, but high school hoops is awesome - as pure a form of hoops as there is - and I think its safe to say that Scheyer is the most storied high school player from Illinois in a long time, at least in my lifetime. I cannot recall a single player whose legend has outshone that of Scheyer. The tale of his 21 points-in-1:15 performance earlier this season will only grow in scope as time passes. Hopefully for Scheyer, he goes onto bigger things than some past Chicago legends. I'm looking at you Tom Kleinschmidt (who's apparently big in Japan) and Rashard Griffith.

Being a far South Sider myself, I'll be pulling for Thornwood, who won its supersectional in three overtimes over Homeweood-Flossmoor. I'm too lazy to look it up, but I'm fairly certain one or the other between Thornwood and H-F has made it to the Downstate quarterfinals from their tough region in each of the last six years. I know Thornwood had a string of three appearances around the time when Eddy Curry was there, and H-F made it the last two years behind Julian Wright, who is now at Kansas. So a triple-OT game between the two familiar rivals must have been awesome.


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