Monday, March 06, 2006

Suns Rising

Last year there was some question as to whether or not Steve Nash should have been the NBA's MVP, which he muted by going absolutely nutty in the playoffs, making the doubters look ludicrous.

This season the question is quickly becoming whether or not Nash deserves to win the award again.

And I'm not so sure he doesn't.

If you've been preoocupied with March Madness, NFL labor talks, or the Oscars, you may not have noticed that after beating the Mavericks on their homecourt last night, the Suns have won ten in a row and, despite all the talk out West centered on the Mavs and Spurs, are quietly beginning to look like a legit threat to reach the NBA Finals. Not bad for a team that has played the entire season without superstar Amare Stoudemire, lost Brian Grant in the meantime, and began 4-5.

Subtract Joe Johnson and Quentin Richardson during the offseason? No problem. Simply toss in Raja Bell or Leandro Barbosa or whoever, and with Nash running things, the machine will be humming smoothly in no time. That's not to take away from the overall stud that is Shawn Marion or the coaching of Mike D'Antoni or any of the number of players who contribue for the Suns, but I don't see how Nash can't be viewed as the league's most valuable player at this point. Name a team that would lose a player the caliber of Stoudemire and not miss a beat and even pick up steam as the season went on. It isn't easy.

It's scary to think of how good the Suns might be when Stoudemire returns, and with the Mavs and Spurs destined to collide in the second round, things may just be breaking nicely for the Suns after all, despite the injuries.

And the short Canadian with the mop top may just be deserving of his second MVP.


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