Thursday, March 02, 2006

The World's Unluckiest 11-Year Old

"Junior was begging for it."

I honestly don't know what to say. Go, read, be speechless.

An elderly woman from The Dalles is accused of raping a boy seven decades younger than her. 83-year-old Georgie Buoy has been indicted on two counts of felony rape and sex abuse.

Neighbor Emily Burk was stunned to learn of the charges. "I haven't ever heard of it before. I couldn't believe it when I read it in the paper, it's kind of ridiculous."

The alleged victim was only 11-years-old at the time of the abuse, something Burk told FOX 12 is just wrong. "I'm 80-years-old and I could never imagine. These are children, you're talking children."

I guess not every young boy is "lucky" enough to be abused by teachers like Pamela Turner or Debbie LaFave. (Oh, come on now, don't tell me that if Mrs. Palmer or Mrs. LaFave kept you after school for a little, uh, "tutoring" you wouldn't consider yourself the luckiest 13-year old boy on the planet.)


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Homegirl apparently hasn't been givin off the right rub to the cats at the local Rotary club lately. Ol' bitty had to make her way to the Webelos in their little homegrown fort for her fixins' that shit is rough!

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