Monday, April 10, 2006

Back in Business

Take a breath. The White Sox have won two in a row after a 5-3 win in Detroit today. You can come in off the ledge now.

Were you worried? A little? That 1-4 start didn't look too promising, but let's be realistic. If the Sox had one clutch hit late in the rubber match with the Indians, they win that series. They left runners all over the bases in that one. One clutch hit would have won the game and that series is looked at differently. Just saying.

Add in all of the ceremony drama and it was a weird opening week. Whatever. Mark Buehrle and Freddy Garcia have pithed back-to-back gems, Paul Konerko is finally finding his groove, and Joe Crede is still the best defensive third baseman in baseball. Arguably. I'd argue it.

In other words, things are returning to normal. Oh, and Jim Thome is back to being a beast. Good lord.

Meanwhile, Bad Bobby Jenks is looking bad again, as in good. Chris Shelton, who was enjoying the best start in baseball, was handled by Jenks no problema in a smooth ninth inning today. Brandon McCarthy is also settling into his middle relief role nicely. Young guns.

All we need now is for Scott Podsednik to get rolling, and we'll be back in business like nobody's business.

Two wins in a row with a day off before two more in Detroit. With Jim Leyland spinning his wisdom, the Tigers have been frisky thus far. This would be a nice series to win. Of course they're all nice series to win.


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