Monday, April 03, 2006

Can I Get a Hell Yeah?

Hell yeah! White Sox 10 Indians 4

Sure, a nasty three-hour rain delay did its best to dampen the mood on Opening Night at the Cell, but it held off long enough to get in the World Series ceremony before the opening pitch and went away just in time for the Sox to rout the Indians in a game that finished after 1 a.m.

Jim Thome smacked his first home run - the first of many.

Jermaine Dye - otherwise known as Mr. World Series MVP - went 3-for-3.

The kids are alright: Brian Anderson went 2-for-3 with a pair of runs and a pair of RBIs. Brandon McCarthy pitched three innings of no-hit ball to earn the win and looked filthy in doing so.

And AJ Pierzynski has a semi-mullet going.

All is good thus far. Man, it was good to see the Sox back together and playing for real. Ah, baseball is back. Summer can't be far away, can it?


Blogger White Silk said...

It's a beautiful thing to see the Chi-Sox begin the '06 season where they left off in late '05 - with a tight, team victory over a team of up-and-comers.

Even better was that all the question marks from the postseason (Anderson replacing Rowand, Thome replacing Everett, McCarthy "demoted" to middle relief, etc.) came up large - real large!! I think I heard fat-ass ESPN announcer Jon Miller mentioned that Thome's blast went further than any Chi-Sox shot in all of last year! Talk about a pretty damn good intro on your way to becoming a new fan favorite!!

2:04 PM  

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