Saturday, April 01, 2006

Husband on Strike

Michigan's James Wilson has gone on stike from his duties as a husband because his wife refuses to boot the kids out of the bedroom.

To get some attention, he has started a Web log called And he's going through -- or to -- the roof with it. He says he's been staging brief protests in his yard and on the flat portion of his roof, using a tent and a "Hubby on Strike" sign.


He wants their bedroom to be "our place of escape, not a dungeon filled with diapers."

He also wants to go on dates with Valentina. For instance, he wanted to take her to a fancy restaurant without the kids for their fifth anniversary. But she wanted them to come along.

Speaking of alone time, he would prefer his son have an earlier bedtime. He estimates that James III goes to bed around 11:30 p.m. His wife, who'll soon return to a social work job, likes the late bedtime.

The Unknown Column is not married, nor does he plan on being married anytime soon, nor would any sensible woman take his hand in marriage for that matter, but he can get behind this tactic. Children are there solely to be meticulously trained for highly lucrative careers as professional athletes someday and not to be, you know, seen or heard.

Unfortunately for Mr. Wilson, he eventually had to take down his website when someone in his comments posted information about a sex crime conviction in his past. Oops.


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