Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lucky Drunk

But three beers? What a lightweight.

Burglars who were busy robbing a safe in a pub served a drunk free beers until he passed out.

The pair were robbing a pub at night in Amstetten, Austria, when drunk 47-year-old Hermann Bendt stumbled in, sat at the bar and asked for a beer.

The thieves served him three pints "on the house" and kept him company before Bendt passed out across the bar.

The burglars then cleaned out the safe and made off with all the valuables, including expensive stereo equipment, from the pub. The sleeping guest only awoke later when the police arrived.

His description of the two men was unhelpfully vague: he said there was "one big bloke and one smaller one".

That's about as much as I usually remember after a night at the bar(s).


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