Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My New Favorite Rock Chick

Well, this is certainly weird.

I knew nothing much about the band Damone before today. I had heard of them, but my only thought was that they must be named after Vic Damone from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which I thought was a fantastic touch on their part. I had never heard a song by them, or if I had, it hadn't registered in my memory.

Until this evening.

I was flipping channels and came upon the Damone video for "Out Here All Night" on IMF and was struck by A) how catchy the song is in a cheesy, 1980's hair metal sort of way and B) how cute the lead singer, Noelle, is. She's strikingly cute...and needed. There is never enough talented rock chicks. And by rock chicks, I mean chicks who can actually play the guitar, which Noelle does, and write songs and rock out with the boys and not just dance around in a thong to some over-produced studio tripe. I'm talking about genuine artists. Musicians. Writers. Granted, I find myself enjoying Kelly Clarkson a bit more than I probably should, and Fiona Apple is one of my faves, but most of the other female "artists" on MTV and the radio can jump in lake as far as I'm concerned. Say what you will about Courtney Love, but Hole made some great music. We need more Courtney Loves in the world. Yes, I realize that sounds like craziness, but it's true.

Anyway, I immediately looked up Damone and you can listen to "Out Here All Night" here. Like I said, if you're not into '80s metal with a sweet tinge, it might not be your thing. But then, I'm not overly into '80s metal myself, but I like it. Give it a try.

So after looking up Damone, my very next stop was You Tube. I shit you not. I went from Damone to You Tube and this video was on the very front page. How weird is that? Very weird. It's the members of Damone making a spoof public service announcement about "something plaguing our community...broke rock bands." It's hysterical. Check it out. (Priest, if you're reading, maybe we can get in on this.)

"Since the early '90s, declining sales in rock music have left many bands without the basic means to live...like food and groupies."

Bottom line? I love when weird coincidences such as this occur. Also, I think I'm in love with Noelle. Seriously. I'm going to have to purchase the album and maybe write some awful poetry and send it to the Damone website or something.


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