Saturday, April 15, 2006

Nine For Nine

Nine for fuckin' nine.

I missed this while at the White Sox game on Friday, but when they showed the Bulls highlights on the jumbotron, well, that was about the highlight of an otherwise dreary night, though the weather was perfect. The first thing I thought was, Damn, it almost sounded like he just said Gordon went nine for nine on three-pointers. Then I rubbed my ears.

I had no problem hearing the 103-101 final score. Nice.

Nine for fuckin' nine?

Simply Jordanesque. The Fourth Quarter Wonder, Gordon is heating up at just the right time. Luol Deng is back. That's nine of eleven now. Bulls play a rare, for them, nationally televised game on ABC against the Heat on Sunday afternoon, a handy run-through for their upcoming foray deep into the playoffs.

Here we go now.

Speaking of that dreary Sox loss to Toronto, it was nice to see them bounce back today with a win. Paul Konerko with a pair of two-run home runs.

The Fire ties at Columbus 1-1. Not the best result, but as it continues its current nine-game road stretch to begin the season, avoiding losses and staying in the playoff race is acceptable for the moment.


Blogger Bill-DC said...

It was an incredible game by Gordon. As much as I wanted the Wizards to win, you have to appreciate a performance like that.

The win was extra sweet for the Bulls because it came against the team that knocked them out of last years playoffs.

10:28 AM  
Blogger UnknownColumn said...

Hey, the Wizards finally clinched a playoff spot yesterday!

6:07 AM  

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