Friday, April 14, 2006

Random Mike Tyson Update

Just in case you were wondering what's up with Mike Tyson, and I know you were.

MIKE Tyson has bolted a posh Arizona drug-rehab center after only five days of treatment for cocaine abuse. The troubled ex-champ, 39, decided to check into the $4,000-a-night Meadows clinic in Phoenix for 30 days after being inspired by a recent trip to Chairman Mao's tomb in China. Tyson sought treatment for drugs and "rage therapy," reports The London Mirror. In 2004, Page Six broke the story about Tyson's spiraling into depression and cocaine abuse. Our scoop caused Tyson manager Shelly Finkel to issue a statement denying the batty boxer was using drugs. We're told Tyson is currently holed up at a Vegas hotel.

I love me some Tyson. People love to make fun of the guy, but he's highly interesting and, in my opinion, much smarter than he's given credit for. You got to love a guy who goes to China, gets inspired by Chairman Mao, and a week later is springing himself from rehab in Arizona. That's so rock'n'roll. And hey, at least Tyson is supposedly "holed up at a Vegas hotel" at the moment. He shouldn't encounter any craziness in Vegas. Nope.

In all seriousness, let's hope Tyson gets off the powder. The last thing he needs is anything that gets him more wound up than he is naturally. Pot? That might actually help. But cocaine? Big, big problems. More importantly, I'd hate to see the guy go out an overdose like Sonny Liston. I fear we should be legitimately worried about Tyson at this point. I mean, in the past, at least he had his boxing career to keep him somewhat sane and focused. Sure, that didn't always work so well, if at all, but it was something.

Now? Tyson has years of time on his hands, no real purpose, and all that crazy. I sincerely hope he has someone looking out for him.

Maybe Tyson should talk to Tom Cruise.


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