Thursday, April 06, 2006


Sweet. The Bulls went into Philly last night still behind the Sixers in the standings and left currently holding onto the coveted final playoff spot.

Nice effort all around. Not only did the Bulls win on the road on the second day of a back-to-back, they didn't need any miraculous rally like they did the night before against the Pacers. With several games left, I don't want to badmouth the Sixers just yet, but Maurice Cheeks' team looks highly disinterested at this point. Obviously, the Bulls have clinched nothing just yet, but Philly looks as thought the race might as well be over.

Props to Chris Duhon for blanketing Allen Iverson last night. AI picked it up a bit near the end, but I believe he had only two field goals heading into the fourth quarter. He was awfully quiet.

Andres Nocioni and Ben Gordon continue to play like they did last year, meaning Noc is a wild beast playing with the hint of being out of control and Gordon is feeling it from outside. Meanwhile, Tyson Chandler took off his bra long enough to grab 15 boards.

That's four wins in a row now with a couple of days off before hosting the Sixers again on Saturday.

We're coming for ya, Pistons, we're coming for ya.

Here we go now.


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