Monday, April 17, 2006

Rudy Gay Coming Out

So is LSU's Tyrus Thomas.

The jumps to the NBA of Gay and Thomas, only a sophoore and freshmean, respectively, isn't surprising news, but with the Bulls holding that Knicks draft pick as well as their own, it sure is important. Options, baby, options.

Both players have their terms of enticement as well as their gray areas. Gay, at times, didn't play with the passion or fire that you'd expect from a superstar. That would be my biggest concern. Thomas has about as much athletic prowess as you can ask for (i.e., beast potential) but could use some polish on his game. As great as he was during LSU's run to the Final Four, it seemed like most of his production came on put backs, often of the slam dunk variety. Which is nice, but it remains to be seen how much offensive game he can eventually muster. Can he hit jumpers? Create his own shot? I don't know. Who does? All I do know is that John Paxson better be studying game film as we speak.


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