Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tonight's Likes

Bulls (-10) vs Raptors. You better believe I'm betting on da Bulls. Hopefully, the Raptors lube up and bend over like they did against Indiana on Monday.

Nets (-3) vs Knicks. You know what really grinds my gears? Hearing about the Knicks. And Larry Brown. And Larry Brown's insurance. And Isiah Thomas. And Starbury. And the rest of the worthless stiffs. The Knicks suck. OK, we get it. Why does the media keep talking about the Knicks as if they actually matter? Fuck the Knicks.

Cavs (-5) vs Hawks.

Bobcats (-6.5) vs 76ers. That was nice of Allen Iverson and Chris Webber to actually arrive at the arena yesterday, you know, before tipoff.

April record: 24-21


Anonymous That French Guy said...

Hey if that doesn't cheer the French soccer team up....

BTW she's the biggest French porn star

1:05 PM  

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