Thursday, April 13, 2006

Up In Arms

Circle the differences in picturs A and B.

Picture A...

Picture B...

Find any?

Ohio State is taking the revolutionary step of removing all of the silver from their jerseys, and the fans aren't liking it.

Most poll questions draw between 100 and 200 responses. The record was 433, for a question on same-sex marriage. As of yesterday afternoon, however, the jersey change had prompted 734 responses, with 79 percent opposing the switch.

Some sample responses:

"Scarlet and Gray! There is a serious lack of GRAY MATTER in those responsible for this decision."

"I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t even concentrate on typing this message because I’m so angry."

"This is classic ‘progress’ in the spirit of ‘New Coke.’ "

Hysterical. When in need of chuckles, sports fans never let you down. At first, I thought it a bit absurd that they would be so up in arms with a tiny change, but then I figured if the Bears ever changed the simple three-stripe look on their jeresys, or the numbers design, I'd resist such a change myself. So bitch away, Columbus.

That said, I believe I'm among the 6-8 Bears fans who are actually fond of the orange jersey. Hey, Nathan Vasher christened the orange duds last season by scoring the longest TD in NFL history while wearing the orange. The orange worked for me on that day.

Speaking of da Bears, apparenty Panthers cornerback Ricky Manning is a possible free agent pick up. Whatever shores up the secondary.


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