Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Worst President In History?

Hell, I've been saying so for years.

Nevertheless, god bless Rolling Stone for putting it on its latest cover in big, bold letters with a funny picture, to boot. Yeah, I realize Rolling Stone has gone down the tubes in some regards. I mean, check out that other article mentioned on the cover about Nick Lachey, as if Lachey has anything - ANYTHING! - to do with quality music. But one thing Rolling Stone has been great at is criticizing the current administration. Every issue its something new. I can respect that. Hunter S. Thompson would have been proud of his old mag.

And yes, Bush is the worst president ever. The only surprise at this point is that it's still even a question.

By the way, the first album of Jack White's new band, the Raconteurs, is also mentioned on the cover. The Unknown Column is very much looking forward to that one. The album, not the article.


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