Saturday, May 06, 2006

Air McNair Heading to Ravens

It looks as though Steve McNair will be officially changing his address to Baltimore and, personally, I'm shaking my head at the absurdity with which this situation was handled.

First, what are the Titans thinking? Talk about a franchise that is coming off looking like heartless, cold curmedgeons. Sure, I understand that guys get old - even guys who are the face of the franchise - and that salary cap considerations must be made, but the Titans' handling of the McNair situation is baffling.

I mean, locking him out of the team practice facility? What is this, second grade?

Few players have meant as much to an organization as McNair has meant to the Titans. He was drafted as the former Oilers were making the move from Houston to Nashville and McNair spent his early seasons as a vagabond, playing home games in Memphis and even in Vanderbilt's stadium, which marked the only time real football had been played on the campus prior to the arrival of Jay Cutler, before teh Titans settled into their current home.

McNair played under the pressure of being A.) a high draft pick, B.) from a small school (Alcorn State), and C.) a black quarterback. To say that McNair was under the microscope more than most is an understatement. Yet, through it all, McNair emerged as the unquestioned team leader and one of the best quarterbacks in the league and came within one agonizing yard of winning the Super Bowl.

And what did McNair get in return from the Titans? A locked door.

And this despite Vince Young's assertion that McNair was his idol. With young coming to town, the whole McNair as wise sage to Young looked so perfect on paper. It looked like a working situation that any franchise would be happy to have, even if it meant dishing out a few dollars to a player who was past his prime.

It could have happened. It should have happened. But it won't.

Maybe McNair is completely done. Maybe his body is beat up beyond repair. But if McNair has anything left - anything - he has a chance to unseat the enigmatic Kyle Boller at quarterback in Baltimore, and, personally, I wouldn't mind seeing him have one last shot at success.


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