Thursday, May 25, 2006

America, You Disappoint Me

If there is one thing I can't stand it's American Idol. If I want to watch karaoke, there are plenty of bars I can find it. And chances are, I'll even find a decent singer or two. Hell, give me a few drinks and I may just plow through a version of Rebel Yell myself, and let me tell you, I can nail that puppy.

Point is, I couldn't care less about the show in general or Taylor Hicks winning, nor do I find his cheap imitation of an old school soul singer to be the least bit genuine or entertaining. It's an act, and a poor one at that. I cringe at the craptacular "original" music he'll now unleash on an unfortunate world. I didn't watch a single epsiode this season - honest! - and other than Kelly Clarkson, whom the Unknown Column is madly, deeply in love with, American Idol has yet to produce a single genuinely talented artist.

It's all garbage. Garbage!

That said, I'm deeply disturbed that Katharine McPhee didn't win last night. (No, I did not actually watch.) Not that she's any more talented than Hicks - hell, she's probably less so - but with 63 million people voting, do you mean to tell me that at least half of those people didn't vote for the lovely McPhee, if for no reason other than because she looks like she does?

America, I thought you were so much more spectacularly shallow than that. I'm disappointed in you. Come on now.

Katharine, I would never vote, nor watch, but if I did, you'd have my support. I promise.

And for the love of God, what is Prince doing besmirching his good name by appearing on this crap? I guess he really, really misses the spotlight. It isn't 1987 anymore, you know.


Blogger Big Al said...

the wife watchs Idol, so, by default, I do too. the reason this hot piece of A didnt get the votes was the simple fact she dressed like somebodys 40 year aunt on the last show. no 'F-me heels. no cleavage. (well, thats why i didnt vote for her)

9:20 AM  

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