Monday, May 22, 2006

Big Frank Back In Chitown

Following the drama of the White Sox-Cubs series, there will be no letdown of emotions at the Cell tonight when Frank Thomas makes his first visit back to the South Side as a member of the A's.

Considering Big Frank is currently batting .178, it can't exactly be dubbed a triumphant return, but Sox fans have plenty of history invested with the guy so it should be interesting. Will he be booed for his persistently petulant attitude, not to mention the war of words he engaged in with Kenny Williams upon his exit? Or will he he be applauded for the many years of solid - and at times, amazing - production he put in while here?

My guess is that it will be a mix of both.

I'm sure all parties involved will say all the right things in the coming days, but I would pay to be a fly on the wall when Ozzie and Williams discuss Thomas in private. That, my friends, would be priceless.


Anonymous priest, they called me said...

I myself wouldn't boo the big skirt, but i would cheer his inevitable strike out(s) a little harder when he once again is fooled by a curve ball that sends his gigantic ass flying off the plate while he looks at stirke three...then whines to the ump...then goes back to the dugout with that bruting, man that was bullshit look on his face i've been forced to stare at at least once a game for the past 15 years...i'd cheer during all of it.

10:57 AM  

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