Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bulls To Draft Second

The NBA draft lottery was held tonight and the Bulls won't be picking number one overall. They'll pick in the exact position they were expected to: second. Toronto lucked into the first pick while the hapless Trail Blazers, despite having the most ping pong balls, fell to fourth. What in the name of Clyde Drexler is going on in Portland?

In a weird way I'm actually glad the Bulls didn't get the first pick. Let me explain. The Bulls own the Knicks' first pick next year as well, and with Isiah "I Ruin Everything I Touch" Thomas running the team both in the office and now possibly on the bench as well, it's quite conceivable that the pick will have just as good a chance to be the No. 1 overall as this year's did, maybe even moreso if Isiah's incompetence comes to the fore as it usually does. The only difference between this year and next is that it's very possible Greg Oden will be coming out next year after playing his mandatory one season at Ohio State. Oden would be the consensus top pick, not to mention a center teams salivate at the thought of building around.

This year there is no consensus stud who everyone agrees should be taken first overall. There is no can't miss. There is no Lebron James. The Bulls could draft first, second or fifth and we'll still be left to hope that whoever they select (Tyrus Thomas? Adam Morrison? Lamarcus Aldridge?) turns out to be a difference maker. There is no certainty with any them.

Point is, if the Bulls had won the first pick tonight, then in the grand scheme of the universe, that somehow would have lessened their chances of winning the top pick in 2007. Follow me? What are the chances of a team winning the draft lottery two years in a row, right? Well, by losing out on the top pick this year, the Bulls have increased their odds of winning it next year when it will likely be even more important (i.e., Oden).

Does this make sense? I hope so.

Regardless, the young Bulls have several pieces in place and a solid core to build around. John Paxson has plenty to work with. The future looks bright.

The only humorous moment of the proceedings occurred when Dan Patrick asked Paxson if he would take Eddy Curry back in exchange for the Knicks' pick and Paxson did his best to answer the question politely without blurting out, "NO FUCKIN' WAY!" A lesser man may have failed miserably. I know I would have.


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