Wednesday, May 03, 2006


From the "This Can't Be Good" Dept...

Soccer hooligans are deep into preparation mode for the World Cup this summer, particularly these clowns from Poland.

The Polish fans, many of whom will be armed with knives, axes and 3ft truncheons, are preparing for battles with fans from rival countries, including England, throughout the five weeks of the tournament in Germany.

They say they will be seeking “pre-arranged fights” with travelling England fans because of their reputation as “the best of the worst”. One group of Polish hooligans has warned that if the English “ignore invitations to fight, they will be attacked anyway”.

This is so absurd, I'm actually laughing. I know it's not funny, but it is, sort of, in a "people are ludicrously retarded" way. Honestly, where do these people come from? It gets worse.

The rise in football violence follows a wave of extreme right-wing and vehemently anti-semitic political discourse in the former communist country. Within the Polish parliament there are politicians who openly praise fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. Hard-core fascist and anti-semitic publications are sold on newsstands.


Alongside Piatkowski was Marek, 29, a father of a year-old child. “We will come together for our national cause,” he said of the World Cup. “We think only of beating the ‘hools’ from Germany first — because we hate them — and the ones from England because they have the reputation of being the best hools, because they invented it. If we beat them we will be considered the best.”

He added: “If the English do not want to fight we will go looking for them and steal their flags, their scarves and their colours. And then we will burn them.”


“It is what I live for,” said Lukasz Pawlik. “I just want to fight the Wisla fans. To say I hate them is not enough.”

And you thought there was bad blood between White Sox and Cubs fans. Good lord. Incidentlly, are there any human ovens still operational in Germany? Why do I ask? No reason, really. Just wondering, just wondering.

The scariest part? If England wins its first-round group and Polamd finishes second in its group, the two countries would meet in the second round.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you don't know nothing about Hooliganism in Poland, so just shut the f*** up man :/ That's the only thing that you can do, because you never saw what going on in Poland, you live in a police country called usa, that's funny man :/

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