Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fire Heads to Kansas City

The Fire travels to Arrowhead tonight to take on the Kansas City Wizards, who currently sit atop the Eastern Conference standings. Big game.

By the way, it's absolutely ridiculous that this game isn't being televised locally. In fact, many Fire games aren't being televised at the moment. I am appalled, completely appalled. I'm going to fully rant on this in the future, but for now, I'll simply call bullshit. Bull. Shit. This is horrendous marketing by the Fire. Horrible. Awful. How does the team expect to build upon its fan base if the team is largely invisible? Bull. Shit.

Has the buffoon that is Bill Wirtz taught us nothing? He's declined to televise Blackhawks home games for years and look where it got him. Blackhawks fans are dwindling and, really, a city that used to be mad crazy for the team can hardly be bothered anymore.

Note to Fire: televise the games. Do the right tthing. Be smart.

My blood is boiling.


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