Friday, May 12, 2006

Must See: "Loose Change"

OK, I realize people like to laugh at theose who believe in conspiracy theories, but this movie, Loose Change, is a must see. It's a little lengthy at one hour and 21 minutes, but well worth it. Please watch it and then tell me you aren't at least a litttle interested in who was really behind 9/11. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty much convinced. How about you?


Blogger Big Al said...

My one problem with this, and all conspiracy theories, is they always imbue the conspirators with so much cunning, so much cleverness, its ridiculous. I mean if they're smart enough to pull this off why cant they get a decent approval rating? Or keep the CIA leadership from getting caught with hookers? If they staged the most heinous act on American soil and kept it a secret, how come they cant keep it a secret that they're tapping everybody’s phones? Just doesn’t make sense.
I'm afraid the answer is much simpler. Islam is a religion of violence and they hate us. And bush is an idiot.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Big Al said...

you're with me, Illuminati

4:46 PM  

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