Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ozuna is the Man

Nice night last night against the pesky Mariners for one Pablo Ozuna, who came through with a two-out game-tying homer and then topped that by scoring the winning run in a 6-5 eleven-inning White Sox win when he turned a would-be single into a double and eventually came home on a bloop hit by, that's right, Juan Uribe, who is just getting warmed up, baby. Oh, Uribe is coming around. Don't you worry.

But Ozuna? Ozuna was little bit of unreal last night. The Super Sub.

Joe Crede hit a grand slam. Dude is quietly hitting .320-something, but keep it on the down low. Remember the young Crede who had some pop but couldn't really hit? The Crede who was strangely clutch, but otherwise was lucky to reach .250? The Crede with the golden glove who made you wonder how freakin' good he could be if he could only hit for average? That Crede? Well, that Crede is here.

Meanwhile, let the record show that Brian Anderson, though cold, cold, cold at the plate, made an unreal diving catch in center field. (It's not the first time.) Ozzie had removed Anderson from the lineup, saying he wanted to do so before Anderson "embarrasses" himself. (Ozzie actually used the word "embarass." Ouch.) But that was a helluva catch by the kid.


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