Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sevilla Routs Middlesborough

Sevilla routed Middlesborough 4-0 to win the UEFA Cup, assuring that when Barcelona beats Arsenal in the Champions League final, Spain will emjoy a hearty laugh at the expense of England. Boro's run just to reach the final was miraculous enough, so I guess it had to end sometime. Vicenzo Maresca scored twice for Sevilla. Will Maresca be on Italy's World Cup roster? Bruce Arena wants to know.

Speaking of Italy, I found this thread on the Italian players over at Big Soccer. It's a quick look at some of the Azzuri dudes the US will face in Germany. Italian players are so pretty, aren't they? Prettyboys. All of them, especially the spittin' Totti.

Speaking of opponents of the U.S. in Germany, Big Soccer also had this "translation" of a article on Czech Republic coach Karel Bruckner and it cracked me up...


Bruckner is famous for been fan of OFFENSIVE soccer style.

In czech league and some another leagues many practise "DEFENSIVE"
soccer style that Bruckner critized. Especially he mentioned that in czech league is used this defensive style. To remember czech national team practise offensive style a la BRUCKNER.

In DEFENSIVE SOCCER style is missed culture.

He mentioned that Czech league leave especially offensive oriented players. They leave and play for another european leagues.

Bruckner said that in soccer is important RESPECT for the opponent.
He mentioned that many players behaved very hard to each other and
don´t respect opponents. This is wrong he said. He said in this area can be Czech republic better than England - regarding respecting opponents.

Bruckner like soccer game with many goals. HE don´t like this "defensive" style and game with no goals.

He said that in many clubs is important only how many points you have. It does not matter how many goals your team scored. Bruckner said that he
liked "beautiful game", with goals.

Fauls also disturb game. He said that once he watched a game of european league - some inimportant clubs at 14 and 16 place. He said that it was very good match with practically no fauls. Only few fauls. It was pleasure to watch it. Many goals, offensive soccer, respect for opponents and no to much fauls. This is style that Bruckner like.

BRUCKNER siad: TO SCORE GOALS should be more than to PREVENT TO GET GOAL. Said Bruckner. But unfortunately it it does not matter how many goals you score - many clubs play just to get points. He probably thinks that many clubs play just to prevent to get goals and avoid to risk and make goals.

So czechs will practise OFFENSIVE SOCCER A ´LA BRUCKNER. He did not want to say his secret.

source and picture of Bruckner how he thinks

P.S I apologize for some mistakes in my translatation. Thank you very much.
It was really difficult to translate. My first language is German. So I apologize for mistakes.


I guess article say Bruckner think score the goals is important


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