Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sportscenter 6 P.M.

Central time.

That's, like, an hour from now.

The United States World Cup roster will be announced real soon on the 6 pm Sportcenter, my friends. Now we get to see what we're truly working with as we head off to Germany to face playboy Italians, always dangerous Czechs, and the mystery delite, Ghana. The Bruce has some decisions to make. Should be interesting. And from the What It's Worth Department, my buddy J and I discussed the starting lineup as we see it and I'm going to share just because I'm crazy like that.

J's lineup:
GK - Casey Keller
D - Oguchi Onyewu
D- Tony Sanneh
D - Carlos Bocanegra
(Note: J went with only three defenders because, as we agreed, our defense is in big trouble. The less of them on the field at once, probably the better.)

M - DeMarcus Beasley
M - John O'Brien
M - Claudio Reyna
M - Pablo Mastroeni
M - Bobby Convey

F - Landon Donovon
F - Brian McBride

The Unknown Columns's Magical Mystery Lineup:
Casey Keller. He may loook like a math teacher, but I'm always confident with Keller.

Backups: Tim Howard. The No. 2 man. Marcus Hahnemann. Reading is moving on up and to the top, going to the show. The Premiership, next season, so Hahnemann should be rolling.

Left side: Carlos Bocanegra. He was solid with the Fire, won consistetnly here, and currently sees some of the best in the Premiership. I got to go with a Fire guy.
Middle: Oguchi Onyewu. Dude can be a beast.
Middle: Pablo Mastroeni. Unspectacular but solid.
Right side: Steve Cherundolo. I like defenders who ply their trade in the Bundesliga. Germans know defense.

Backups: Corey Gibbs. Gibbs can play on the left if Bocanegra falters. Tony Sanneh. Yes, I know Sanneh is an unusual pick, but he's on the Fire, so call me crazy. Eddie Pope. I'm nervous about this pick because Pope hasn't been enjoying much success getting drilled with Real Salt Lake, but he's a vet; hopefully not a tired, aged vet. He's earned a bench spot. Who else? I think we might be in trouble. I'm having a hard time finding guys I'm confident in here, to be honest. But as long as there is no Frankie Hedjuk, which, unfortunately, there probably will be, I like our chances. I'll go with Greg Berhalter. See what I mean?

Left: Bobby Convey. Another Reading guy on a roll.
Middle: John O'Brien. Has only recently become healthy and is currently back in the US with Chivas Los Angeles, so I don't know if I like the arc of his career right now, but he has plenty of worthwhile experience. And now he that whole hair thing going on.
Middle: Claudio Reyna. The old sage. Let's hope he's healthy.
Right: DeMarcus Beasley. Another Fire guy. Only American dude to play in a Champions League semifinal. Give him a spot.

Backups: Clint Dempsey. He backups Beasley. Justin Mapp. Yes, another surprise choice, but he'd be creative in a reseve spot somewhere on the left side. He's got a left foot that can be fun to watch. Conor Casey. J is all pumped up about this guy. Sure, he's known as a forward, but I'm using him as an attacking midfielder because, you know, this is my team.

Landon Donovon. Say what you will about the guy, but he's put up filthy numbers and won some titles between the U.S. national team, San Jose, and now the LA Galaxy. I realize some see him as having wussed out in the Bundesliga in his failed German experiment, but his accomplishments in and for the U.S. speak for themselves.
Brian McBride. The Chicago boy. As J said, "He'll always go up in the air for it. Always." So true.

Backups: Taylor Twellman. Filthy stats in MLS and was scoring for the national team earlier this year. Josh Wolff. Why not? Maybe he can provide a spark. Eddie Johnson. Has cooled since his red hot start with the national team, but if on, could be big time.

That's my 23 and I'm sticking in to it.

Anyone not mentioned you like?


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