Monday, May 22, 2006

Tonight's Likes

Spurs (-3.5) vs Mavericks. Much like the Cavs, the Mavs really, really needed to wrap up this series in Game Six at home. They didn't, and now I'm having a hard time imagining the Spurs losing a deciding game on its home court. No way that happens, right? Nah. Granted, the Mavs were severely handcuffed in Game Six by the suspension of Jason Terry, but if there is a moral to the story here, it's never, ever throw a punch, no matter the situation, no matter how inconspicuous it seems at the time. It's sad, really. During one game I heard a story about how when Terry was on the Hawks, he was so anxious to experience the playoffs - something that we all know can never happen in Atlanta - that he would attend numerous games just to soak in the scene. One year alone he took in 30 playoff games. It was a nice story and one that had me happy for Terry and pulling for the Mavs, but the Spurs at home with elimination on the line is a situation not to be messed with.

Suns (-4) vs Clippers. All goood stories must come to an end eventually, and so it will be for the Clips tonight. They've had a nice run and with several solid pieces in place, they may just be back here again next year - that is, if the universe doesn't have some law about the Clips never being a playoff team two years in a row, which is quite possible - but Steve Nash and his tired gang, playing a second Game Seven this postseason, have had several days to rest. That's precisely what the doctor ordered.

May record: 15-14


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