Tuesday, May 23, 2006

USA vs Morocco

The United States national team will play Morocco tonight in Nashville in a warmup match for next month's World Cup. We're getting close, my freinds. In that vein, I scoured YouTube for some soccer vids...

Short preview with some dramatic, inspiring music.
Giving me goosebumps.

A solid ten minutes of highlighst from the last World Cup in 2002. More goosebumps.

This one is solely U.S. highlights from 2002.

Long video with goals from all 32 qualified teams, one team at a time.

This one is my favorite: British soccer announcer Alan Partridge (aka, comedian Steve Cogan) commenting on a series of goals. It's short, but I was laughing my balls off.

Jim McKay previews the World Cup for ESPN.

I don't know who Lee Hyori is, but she's Asian, saying something about soccer, and smoking hot. Check her out. You'll be impressed.

Great goals from several World Cups - with Japanese announcers going nutty, which is always hysterical.

Highlights from the 1998 World Cup.


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