Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Angola 1 Iran 1

Considering the Angolans had a chance, however slim, to knock El Tri right back to Mexico, this game was a bit disappointing. Sure, it would have required them beating Iran by two goals and Portugal beating Mexico by two goals and the sun opening up and releasing Elvis riding a unicorn, but as long as the possibility of Mexico looking silly was alive only to fail to materialize, I'm disappointed. Freakin' urine-tossers.

Crazy thing was, Portugal actually led Mexico 2-0 in the first half of their game and Angola led 1-0 in this game and it seemed like maybe - just maybe - it was all just crazy enough to work.

Alas, Mexico survived and now gets to move on to the second round to be duly crushed by Argentina. Which isn't so bad, I suppose. But how fun would it have been to seen Angola in the second round?

I expected a little more balls-to-the-wall play from Angola. Knowing that goals and more goals were their only hope, I figured they might attack in waves and make the game wide open and entertaining. That didn't materialize, unfortunately. In fact, the game was quite tedious with Angola, for whatever reason, seemingly content to play the draw out to its inevitable conclusion. I think someone in Italy must have paid them off.

Oh, well. After being dubbed by many as possibly the weakest team in the tourney, Angola's effort in Germany wasn't too shabby. I mean, at least it wasn't CONCACAFesque.

And I'd just like to give Iran a big thanks for making me look so good. I spent months before the World Cup hyping Team Melli as one of my serious Cinderella packages and they promptly delivered...nothing. Hopefully, they are equally dependable when it comes to nuclear threats.

On the plus side, and as I've mentioned before, the trend of Muslim women showing their goods is a very, very positive one. Let soccer lead the revolution!

See you in 2010? Well, I certainly hope so.


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