Friday, June 09, 2006

Ecuador 2 Poland 0

I guess I don't know what I'm talking about. Hey, don't act so unsurprised.

I was in here yapping about how I thought Poland looked like a solid sleeper squad. I figured they were close to home and would be playing two teams (Ecuador and Costa Rica) making the long trip to Europe. So I liked they're chances.

Well, it looks like the Polish World Cup campaign in 2006 may end up just as grim as their 2002 campaign did. Today they showed precious few signs of life, and other than hitting the post twice late in the game when the outcome was already almost a certainty, they created nary a legit chance. And now we can only hope this doesn't send Poland's famed hooligans into a raging state of madness.

Ecuador, meanwhile, appears to be a team with more on its mind than just enjoying a short stay in Germany, looking every bit the more creative and assured side all night long. Carlos Tenorio and Augustin Delgado were the goalscorers and a defense that was supposed to be vulverable looked calm, cool, and collected at all times. Goalkeeper Cristian Mora barely had to break a sweat, which was nice considering he had painted the Ecuadoran flag on each cheek. You wouldn't want your country's flag to dissolve into a runny pool of sweat as billions watch worldwide. So it all worked out for him.

On paper at least, Ecuador was already the favorite going into its next game with Costa Rica. And if it wasn't, it will be now. It's highly possible the Ecuadorans win that game and then head into their showdown with Germany virtually assured of a spot in the second round. In other words, things look great.

Ah, to be partying in Quito tonight.


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