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Italy 1 Australia 0

I hate to point it out again, but my post a few weeks ago criticizing the Italians was spot on and today proves it. First it was De Rossi elbowing Brian McBride in the skull in the game against the U.S., today it was Fabio Grosso diving in the box to earn a game-deciding penalty kick in the 93rd minute. Cheaters and divers. Italians. Fuck 'em.

Total bullshit.

Total fuckin' bullshit.

Look, Italy had no right winning this game. None. They pretty much sucked, let's be honest. Things were fairly even before Marco Materazzi was red-carded in the 60th minute (a bit unfairly, true) and Italy was thoroughly dominated thereafter. Dominated. Thoroughly. Australia controlled the game undeniably, surging forward while Italy rarely sniffed the Australian net, rarely venturing past midfield and dissolving into little more than a defensive shell, which is what Italy does best anyway, but the cowards were even more blatant about it today.

But then, so, so predictably, typical Italian antics changed everything, and for the worse. In the 93rd minute, with the game looking set to head to extra time, Lucas Neill slid for the ball in his own box but touched nothing. Not Grosso, not the ball, nothing. Grosso lunged over him and dove forward as if he'd been hot. He initiated the contact. The ref bought it, Franceso Totti converted the penalty kick, the final whistle was blown, and that was that.

Yet another game in this World Cup tainted by horrendous officiating.

How bad was the call? My buddy J called immediately upon the final whistle to bitch and, for the record, he's not Australian. Usually when you get the "I'm so pissed off I have to bitch as soon as this is over" call, somebody screwed up. I'd look up the ref's name but I'm tired of learning the names of these men who should remain nameless. Jorge Lorriando. Vanentin Ivanov. Why do we learn their names? Because they suck, because they damage the game, because they're incompetent.

It's baffling that that FIFA has allowed these officiating travesties to continue on game after game after game.

FIFA needs to take a long in the mirror. I hesitate to jump on the "Hey, the refs, suck!" bandwagon because, frankly, the bitching about the refs in this World Cup has become tiresome, but there really has been some bad decisions. It makes you wonder, Is it really that difficult to ref a game at this level?

Or do the guys FIFA has hired to ref these games simply stink?

I don't know, but I think I smell incompetency.

Even worse, the Italians will now get the winner of Ukraine and Switzerland. On paper at least, this is a game the Italians will be favored in, meaning they are flopping and diving, tripping and crying right through the easiest portion of the bracket. Fuckin' Italians. This is like watching Duke get all the calls while playing an NCAA tournament game game on a "neutral" court in Greensboro. Like J said, this is reminiscent of the Italy getting Bulgaria in the 1994 semifinals. Lucky breaks for the pretty boys.

Any captions?

Italy stabs a man in the back. Cheating fuckers.


Blogger White Silk said...

No game should be decided by a penalty kick unless it's AN ABSOLUTE FUCKIN' RAPE. That horseshit call was such a joke you have to wonder how much the Italians are paying FIFA off at this point. What a sham! The Aussies should be pissed to no end.......I am and I really didn't have a lean towards either team (for the most part) going into today.

Damn I hate favoritism......

And for all you Anonymous Italians who will inevitably pipe in with your defense, save your breath and shut the fuck up! You have NO ARGUMENT!!!!

12:44 PM  
Blogger Bill-DC said...

That was a freaking joke. I couldn't believe how pissed off Agoos and the commentators on XM were. I just watched the replay and this was a farce.

The Vespa riding, chain smoking, hygenically challenged Euro trash diving pansies are in the next round. And that sucks big time.

I'm so pissed now. I really hope those pussies lose. Go Ukraine!

4:09 PM  
Blogger Bill-DC said...

Also, if the anonymous Italian comes back, be a freaking man and use your real name if you post. Don't be a coward like your soccer team.

Thanks for letting me vent!

4:11 PM  
Blogger parnellpr said...

Just found u via blog search. So sad 2 see aussies out even though I'm english. It's a strange feeling having sympathy for the aussies when it comes to sport. Awful that the italians lived up to the bad side of their footballing reputation. I've just posted on this and what I think of the refs. Come have a c and comment. pippa P.S Cool pic. Val Kilmer in Tombstone?

4:36 PM  
Blogger Tottito10 said...

For the first 50 minutes of the match, Australia had more possession, but Italy were FAR MORE dangerous than Australia... they clearly had more meaningful possession and should have been up at the half. I don't see how anyone could argue with that.

Then, the second half. Materazzi tackles his own player and gets a straight red. Whose paying who? On the issue of payments, let's not forget about the five disallowed goals against Italy in the last World Cup. Have we conveniently forgotten that? How about the four minutes of extra time France were given in the Euro 2000? How soon we forget...

Anyway, back to the point... after Materazzi was criminally sent off, Australia obviously had more of the ball, but Italy were still the more dangerous team and had the most dangerous opportunities. Except for the header that Cahill biffed off of a corner, I can't remember one time Australia looked like they might score. Ball possession is an overrated statistic in this game.

The column I'm responding to claims the Aussie defender didn't touch Grosso. That's just an outright lie. Let's be honest, he did put his body in front of him while laying on the ground... and his back or side did make contact with his leg. Should it have been a penalty? Maybe... maybe not. Had the ref not made the call, it would have been just as controversial on the flip side. Italy deserved to win.

It's so damn funny how jealous people are toward the Italian side. Year after year, I hear people bitching about Italian soccer, and year after year, Italy wins game after game. Last World Cup aside, very VERY few teams have an international record that matches up with the Italians. Brazil, sure. France, they had a nice run that's over. Who else?

10:26 PM  
Blogger Bill-DC said...

Tottito10 I respectfully disagree. That should not have been called a penalty and you know it. It was a nice sales job that the ref bought.

The reffing in this World Cup has been flat out awful. I never thought I would ever say this but these clowns reffing this World Cup make MLS refs look great.

4:10 AM  
Blogger UnknownColumn said...

Tottito10, my problem with that call is that a ref should never make it at that point in a game unless the foul is brutal and obvious. If the call is even slightly iffy, you can't make it in that situation. Let the game and players decide the outcome, not the ref.

The perfect example was the Swiss-Ukraine game only a couple of hours later. There were several close calls in the box on both ends in the second hald and extra time, but the ref let it go because to call an iffy penalty there is a terrible way to decide a close game.

Remember, this is the knockout stages of the World Cup. Don't make an iffy call. I'm not saying Australia was the better team, but that is beside the point. Australia got screwed.

4:37 AM  
Blogger Bhushan said...

Hello,watched the game halfway through but not it's end.from what i saw in highlights the game was on equal sides all the time and Aussies are to blame themselves that they did not attack and they cramped in absence of Emerton and Kewell.It was cruel though that Aussies lost with near-last kick of the game.But Football is sometimes cruel.

Another point i wish to add,if i may,this World Cup i fear is going to be remembered for horrific,disasterous decisions refs have it bcoz FIFA has given them more teeth or else remains to be seen.

P.S.- I came here through searching for posts about thegame and i read Your other post about Italian Football as well and am disappointed that comments can be so crude,gross and uneasy.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

USA suck! Yankee go home!
Italy will go straight to the semi-final.... and you'll suck!

dovete socare!

sei troppo un cazzone

7:51 AM  
Blogger Tottito10 said...


First, in the original post, you said: "Lucas Neill slid for the ball in his own box but touched nothing. Not Grosso, not the ball, nothing. Grosso lunged over him and dove forward as if he'd been hot. He initiated the contact."

Then, in my response to my post, you said: "... my problem with that call is that a ref should never make it at that point in a game unless the foul is brutal and obvious. If the call is even slightly iffy, you can't make it in that situation."

Your second statement is a drastic reduction from the first statement. It sounds like you've changed your story. I agree, it's a very questionable call that probably shouldn't have been made, but I think your original description of the play was very inaccurate.

Also inaccurate was your description of Italy's lack of attack. This game didn't have a ton of highlights, but Italy had far more dangerous scoring opportunities than the Aussies. There's no doubt about that either. So again, your original description is filled with errors, in my opinion.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Bill-DC said...

Way to be a man, anonymous. You're just as much a pansy as your soccer team. If the USA soccer team sucks, how come your mighty Italy could not beat them? Go Ukraine!

Great to be smack talking in the comments section.

11:38 AM  
Blogger UnknownColumn said...


I'm not changing my story. I still don't think it was a foul. All I'm saying is that a ref shouldn't decide a game like that unless the foul is a blatant trip on a breakaway or something. The ref decided a game that should have been decided by the players. And that sucks.

As for Italy's attack, sure, they made a few nice chances, but they didn't finish. The rest of the game they sat back on defense while Australia took it to them.

I'm not saying Italy wasn't better than Australia, I'm just saying they didn't deserve to have the ref give them the game like that.

4:21 PM  
Blogger Tottito10 said...

If you didn't change your story, you certainly changed the tone of your story.

Italy all the way!!! You heard it hear first, Totti and Toni are going to come to life at the right time!

11:54 AM  

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