Friday, June 16, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

When will people get over the shock value of Ozzie Guillen?

When will people understand that what you see is what you get and that he isn't going to change?

It was sure nice to see the White Sox beat up on the Rangers last night following the debacle the day before. You know the story: Vicente Padilla, being a dickbag, throws at AJ Pierzynski - twice! - completely unprovoked. Ozzie sends in the just called up Sean Tracey to thow at Hank Blalock. Tracey fails to do so and is instantly removed and allegedly berated in the dugout. He was last seen looking sullen and dejected before being shipped back down to Charlotte.

And now, naturally, people want to get in Ozzie's face because he may have hurt "the kid's" feelings. Give me a break. "The kid" is 25 years old. He was sent in by his manager to do a job and he didn't do it. Ozzie, pissed as hell, reacted and let Tracey and the team know how he felt. And why is this a surprise? We all already know that Ozzie wears his heart on his sleeve like few others. This isn't unexpected.

Look, I'm sure Tracey will be fine. Don't worry about "the kid." I'm guessing Ozzie has already talked to Tracey and Tracey now understands that this is how things work under Ozzie. I'm also guessing that the team vets had a great laugh at the spectacle of an unsuspecting rookie being reamed and will razz him about it if/when he returns. Don't feel sorry for Tracey. Coaches/managers have been bitching out players since forever. Sure, Ozzie gets a little wound up more than most, but so what? This isn't a crime. And if Tracey can't handle it, then he probably was never destined to pitch much for the Sox anyway, nor for any other team, for that matter. Overly sensitive relief pitchers are destined to fade away quickly.

It's absolutely laugable how people overreact to Ozzie. He's a lightening rod and people immediately scurry around like sheep the moment Ozzie does or says anything remotely controversial. Today, douchebag supreme Jay Mariotti is yet again questioning Ozzie's mental health and ability to lead the team. I guess the news that the Sox are world champs and currently have the third best record in baseball and have now won consecutive series against the contending Tigers, Indians and Rangers still hasn't reached him. We all know that Mariotti is a bit slow. Give him time. I'm (semi)confident he'll catch up with the rest of the world. (Or perhaps Mariotti needs to be reminded by Eric Zorn again about his uncanny ability to be completely wrong on all matters White Sox.)

Listen, the Ozzie-Tracey incident is no big deal. Ozzie got mad. Ozzie said so. Tracey was sent back down (because of the acquisition of David Riske and not because of the incident.) It's over. The Sox moved on and responded by doing what they do best - winning. Again.

So maybe the rest of the world can move on, too. Maybe?


Blogger White Silk said...

I couldn't agree more (with both you and the piece that Zorn postd about "windsock" Mariotti! --- That was great shit!!)

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you read Palehose Six about this? Hysterical.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The White Sux are classless bunch of overpaid egomainics. Ozzie is a Peace of S H I T foreiner who has no business in America. The Latino braindead dicks are taking over Americas pastime.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ FUCK BASEBALL IN CHICAGO

11:18 PM  

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