Friday, June 02, 2006

Need A Little Time To Wake Up

I'm far from panicking. I'm not yet upset, worried, or getting bad headaches. I'm calm, cool, and collected. No, really.

I am, however, hoping the White Sox get a little giddy up back in their step on the upcoming homestand against the Rangers, Tigers, and Indians. Losing the last three games to the Tribe after taking the opener 11-0 isn't making me feel real positive about the current vibes. And it's not just the losing, it's the lack of quality pitching. I can understand losing on the road to the Indians, who are talented and trying to shake themselves into some sort of roll. I cannot, however, stomach losing 12-8, especially after blowing three leads. Yes, three. This is not the Jose Contreras we have come to know.

Nothing will give me a migraine faster than crappy pitching.


That scoreline reminds me of the Sox a few years ago when their lineup of Paul Konerko, Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Lee, Frank, Thomas, Jose Valentin, etc. was arguably the most feared and explosive in baseball. They put up runs like nobody's business. But then the likes of Danny Wright or Scott Schoenwiess would trot out to the mound and scores just like last night's 12-8 debacle were routine. Sure, that kind of baseball can be entertaining, but, ultimately, it's not success-inducing. For some odd reason, it seems the best teams are never the teams that produce robust scorelines, but the teams that squeeze out low-scoring close games, regardless of how ugly it looks. Just like last year's Pale Hose.

Three consecutive series at the Cell against American League contenders is a nice way to get back on track. Quickly.


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