Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ozzie Pegs Mariotti

Since I have been neglecting of late my solemm duty to bash Jay Mariotti and his infinite idiocy, Ozzie Guillen is scratching me right where I need to be itched:

In a pregame chat with reporters, Ozzie Guillen held forth on a variety of subjects before talk came around to Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti, prompting a profanity-laced tirade from the White Sox manager.

Mariotti has been critical in recent days of Guillen's handling of relief pitcher Sean Tracey and on Tuesday called for the firing of Cubs manager Dusty Baker.

"He's not going to run me out of town," Guillen said. "He can kiss my ass. He'll lose his job before I lose mine. I guarantee that . . .

"I'll leave this [bleeping] town when I want to leave this town, maybe next week. Maybe 20 [bleeping] years, but I'm going to be here a little while.

"Now he wants to get Dusty out of there and put in some [bleeping] guy from the radio booth (actually television analyst and former manager Bob Brenly)."

Guillen went on to call Mariotti a derogatory name for a homosexual and "a stupid idiot."

Yet again I'll ask the question: Why is Mariotti still employed in this town? Does anybody like the guy? Anyone at all? He must be a lonely, bitter man.


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