Friday, June 09, 2006

The Showdown: Federer vs Nadal

As expected, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will meet in the final of the French Open. Tennis fan or not, you should really check this one out as this matchup is growing into one of the best rivalries in sports - at least when they meet on clay. It's almost a shame they both seem like such nice, chummy guys, otherwise this rivalry might be crazy in a good way. We need some smack talk, or at least an occasional icy stare that says, "I really don't like you, punk." Alas, they'll probably hug afterwards. Oh, well.

Federer is still making a case as the best ever and finally winning his first French Open would go a long way in making his argument that much more complete.

Nadal has won 59 straight matches on clay.

What's going to give? We shall see.

I hear there will be a women's final as well, but after Maria Sharapova was booted I really couldn't tell you for certain.


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