Friday, June 16, 2006

Sweden 1 Paraguay 0

Not much to say about this game as there wasn't an abundance of excitement until the final 10 minutes when Sweden continually came forward in waves and were rewarded with Freddie Ljunberg's goal in the 89th minute.

Paraguay has been eliminated on the back of an own goal against England and a last-minute gasp by the Swedes. While this is a rough way to go out, I say good riddance. Paraguay made little effort to attack in either of its games and seemed more than content to hang back and play for the tie against the Swedes comfortable with the knowledge that they'd have the advantage going into the last round of games playing Trinidad & Tobago while Sweden played England. It's hard to shed a tear when a boring, defensive team sees its unimgainative plans blow up in its face. Such a style will not be missed.

As most expected, it looks as though the Swedes will join England in the second round, which, of course, means more gratuitous pics of Swedish hotties. This is a good thing.


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