Saturday, June 17, 2006

Thoughts At The Half

Well, it's on now. This game is going to get either really ugly or turn into a classic. 1-1. A player ejected on each side. De Rossi lands a vicious elbow blow to Brian McBride's face and is sent packing. Pablo Mastroeni then foolishly gives back the advantage by getting himself booted.


McBride could have his Rocky moment here, which would be awesome. Dude takes an intentional elbow to his face, temporarily leaves to have the bloody mess taped up, and then returns and scores a goal. Please let this happen.

I'm trying not to laugh at Italy's Zaccardo for his hilariously placed clearance right into the back of the U.S net. I don't want to laugh at him yet and screw with karma. But if the U.S. wins this, I'm laughing my ass off.

As I said, the Italians are dirty fuckers. Seriously. Please don't accuse me of being insensitive to Italians and making quasi-racist remarks. The simple truth is that Italians players, or at least many of them, are dirty fuckers. Today it was De Rossi. Such a violent attack is not uncommon for these mobsters in blue. What a tool De Ross is.

I want to see the U.S. take the lead just so we can see the Italians go into full tears mode. That's always funny.

What I'd really like to see here is a U.S. win. We're hanging in there. No stupid mistakes in back. Finish one good chance. It can be done.

And while 2-1 would be fine by me, 3-1 or, even better, a 4-1 thrashing laid on the the loose-elbowed Azzuri would be splendid.


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